Komodo travel guide


Komodo travel guide

UNESCO World Heritage site, the site of the Komodo National Park lies in the strait between Sumbawa and Flores, which is the largest reptiles in the world home, Varanus komodoensis, Komodo dragons. This giant lizard is one of the oldest species in the world, close to the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 100 million years ago. Despite the existence of the Dragon on the two other neighboring islands, in order to protect wildlife communities allowed to enter only for visitors to Komodo and Rinca

Most visitors couple watching Komodo dragon practice diving. During low tide in Pantai Merah (Red Beach), close to Komodo and reefs teeming with colorful fish is very close to the beach. Divers will expect slopes, rocks and small rocky outcrops nearby. Strong currents here provide a lot of plankton and small fish to feed on them, in turn attract larger ones, and providing migration routes of whales and dolphins. Often you see sea turtles here too. Divers who like to venture farther from the coast should beware of the risks to their lives

Komodo Island is home to several human settlements, including the largest village, Kampung Komodo (population about 1.3 million), and is located a few kilometers to the west of the guard Luo Yang station. Earning a living for the villagers mainly from fishing. Speak their own language, and even though they are Muslims, mostly, and also to adhere to the strong traditional beliefs, dressed in modest clothes and visitors welcome, especially if they want to buy one of the sculptures locally Komodo dragon, pearls or seeds or souvenirs from elsewhere in West Nusa Tenggara



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