vesak Festival, Indonesia


vesak Festival, Indonesia


If you plan to tour a tourist in a group of Southeast Asian Nations and chose to go to Indonesia and be sure to go there in early spring to attend the festival (vesak Day) in which Buddhists from all over the country gather to establish a larger Mehrjanam in the city (Borobudur – Borobudur)
Attend the festival to Buddhists is not limited only if the festival is a popular rather than a religious celebration of many of the scenes and there and rituals that can be seen amid huge celebrations
The festival is not limited Waisak the Buddhists residing in Indonesia but also attracts Mguetenai Buddha ideas from all the Asian continent and would not be surprised if you find there are Buddhists from different countries Kpngeladec, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand, they came only to commemorate this day think it’s birthday Buddha, as well as the day he died and the day when he realized the wisdom
So devoted followers of the Buddha that day to read his ideas and the exchange of explanations about the teachings and dissemination of principles that promote peace and justice among humans


The spread in this day and donations bidding distributed to the poor and the sick and the disabled and the elderly in an attempt to notice everyone happy
Ritual celebration festival vesak vary depending on location and foremost it except that the usual rituals in the city of Borobudur Indonesian start waiting for the first night in which the moon is completed in May, where he will meet Buddha’s disciples faithful before dawn in the temple of the city, which is the largest Buddhist building in the world to set up some of the prayers and hymns


These prayers follow some rituals in which Buddhists try to revive the teachings of the Buddha-sufficiency, such as eating vegetables and refrain from eating meat on that day or the launch of small birds in the expression of the aspirations that everyone gets his or her liberty release


Celebrations are held in the temple of Borobudur, which is located in the middle of Java and its construction dates back to the eighth century AD Because of the importance of archaeological and humanity has been attached to the UNESCO list of human heritage
Importance of Borobudur Temple is not limited to the religious aspect of Buddhists being a larger worship center for them in all the world, but also holds the tourist value of a distinct view of the ancient history and a great location where the temple is about a group of scenic falls while pose a range of volcanic mountains wonderful background lend it more influence and prestige

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