Tourist Attractions in Batam


Tourist Attractions in Batam

Batam “small tourist island may not be a lot of famous islands of Indonesia on the tourist map, but that one of the reasons for its charm, it still maintains that the primitive nature that did not change the commercial life which seized control of a large sector of the regions of Indonesia
“Batam” located just 45 minutes from Singapore so they are an essential destination for local residents who are interested in tourist activities grainy like spending time in the water, beach games, shopping, eating seafood, enjoy health centers and massage and other services less than those in the prices major cities


Tourist Attractions in Batam

Of the most important tourist attractions in the “Batam” Temple (Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya) Buddhist, which includes many of the statues of Buddha, laughing and surrounded the temple from most angles, comprising Square Buddhist temple extensive in Batam restaurants for vegetarians and places to host orphans and a number of places selling food vendors street
Buddhist temple in the “Batam” is considered one of the largest religious temples in Southeast Asia, one of the most important modern effects that the Chinese government created in 1999


Other important landmarks in “Batam” Island Bridge Barelang “which takes to access another 45 minutes from the city, but one of the places worth visiting on the island, one hand is composed of seven bridges incomplete represents a wonderful opportunity to view and control the local life on the island and to identify proximity to the local population who are very much welcome and surprising the presence of tourists between them
You can also spend some time shopping Nojoaa Hill Mall the best shopping centers in Batam Island, offering everything you need in your ranging from local food and global food passing through the tools and equipments for water sports and golfing accessories

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