Tourism in the Valley Balim Papua, Indonesia


Tourism in the Valley Balim Papua, Indonesia


Called the Baliem Valley canyon grand It is situated in the heart of the Papua region in the far east of Indonesia and intended tourists are relatively isolated valley from the rest of the country to see the primitive tribes living like they used centuries ago statelet without back of evidence that come into contact with the world around them is reflected in exotic clothes and beliefs and rituals that they practice
At the same time that tourists recognize this primitive alien civilization they can spend the best times on the hillsides and riverbanks and green farms in the Grand Canyon with little congestion
Factors that promote tourism in the valley of Balim in Papua, Indonesia stabilize the climate throughout the year and the lack of rainfall seasons, which means that tourism is open in every month of the year and temperatures ranging between 20-30 degrees during the day and 10-15 degrees at night


Although there are no monuments or tourist Adho can be had in the valley Balim but most activities carried out by tourists there is based on the observation of daily life habits of the tribes of the proximal and learn about the architecture patterns, food, everyday conditions in the markets and the discovery of this world unknown that did not reach after the hand of urbanization


The tourists usually organize trips to discover this primitive tribes collectively where these groups go to places inhabited by “because I” tribes, “Danny,” and “Nights” and take shorter trips this half a day while others extend to the full thirty days


Outside the valley can visit the “Mummies zone” which are found in the villages, “Jiuyka” and “Emeka” which is located 20 km and can go to a small car or cut the road on foot
For dining and accommodation in the valley Balim Most restaurants are offering local Indonesian food, and accommodations are limited and there is only one resort (Balim Valley Resort, “which accepts pre-reservation of the Internet
A popular tourist attraction near Valley Balim which can be had during the visit of the valley “to Oritz National Park” annexed by the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is the largest nature reserves in the Gulf, the Asian region and includes the highest mountain in the world, a mountain peak (Puncak Jaya) started up a height of 4.884 meters and the snow-covered throughout the year


The only way to get to the Valley Balim have to travel to the city (Wamena) from the city (Jayapura) the capital of the valley Balim which also reflects an important commercial area and is characterized by the trip to fun as they are across the mountains and agricultural areas, noting that prices in this region are higher than in Indonesia
Basic wandering way and moving in the valley Balim are walking as most areas will not only need to be discovered on foot, while out in the longer distance trips can get one of the small buses that are linking between the villages

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