Tourism in the island of Flores, Indonesia


Tourism in the island of Flores, Indonesia


Flores Island is considered one of the hidden treasures in Indonesia because of the fame of some other tourism destinations such as Bali, however, Flores began to emerge independent identity and tourism has been able to attract to the tourism and travel enthusiasts from all over the world
Can visit the island of Flores after visiting Komodo park and the discovery of a new type of tourism activities in the place is still considered unknown when many; in Flores you will be able to swim in the lakes and waterfalls primitive and diving in more than 50 spot of the most beautiful dive sites in the world or a boat ride and sailing along the coast covered with trees Almanjarov also you will be able to engage with the local population in the own rituals inside the mysterious mountain caves
It includes the island of Flores, which lies in Nusatenggara province a variety of tourist attractions, such as a series of volcanoes that extends for a distance of 450 kilometers along the narrow coast in the form of a character (V) which led to the division of the island into a set of valleys inhabited by different ethnicities
Flores Island is characterized by the presence of marine life is rich and immense where lovers can dive to watch thousands of species of exotic fish and dolphins can also see whales during the migration season


The excellence also extends to the surrounding island and beaches that vary sand colors from white to pink !! In fact, the island has the wonders of the strangest of it as it is believed that prehistoric man may live Flores, where they found human remains in some caves and there are even now some exotic animals and some remnants of forests strains buried under the earth’s surface
Tourists can while visiting the island of Flores do several rounds near like visiting Komodo park where you can see the famous Komodo dragon and thousands of exotic birds such as the Royal bath, bird Egret, quail in addition to many wild animals such as pigs wild, flying foxes, Asian monkeys of all kinds and various cobras and other aspects of plant and animal in the park
You can also visit Lake Kelimutu which is a geological phenomenon peculiar will not see it before you ascend about 127 degrees on the edge of the volcano to see the lake tri-color that The reason for this is that it actually consists of three lakes change colors alternating with lakes the other two, making it an exciting place to explore and visit

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