The largest mosque in Surabaya

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The largest mosque in Surabaya

It is the largest mosque, which opened on 10 November 2000 of the newest mosques in Surabaya and the most memorable ever, is located in the south of Surabaya in Pagesangan area
Its strategic location made it easy to access both for those coming from inside or outside the city



Runs the largest mosque in Surabaya on 11.2 hectares, the main characteristic to him lies in the design of the dome with a mix of blue and green
In addition to the main building was built two buildings connected to the main building, this building has been equipped with a lift tower, the tower provides visitors with wonderful views of the city of Surabaya


The size of the mosque and its novelty and unique architectural style has made him an important center for the exercise of the activities of the Islamic religion

Finally, mention it every morning here held a small crowded market, it is very interesting had

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