Malang splendor of tourism in Indonesia

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Malang splendor of tourism in Indonesia


Malang city located in East Java area between two mountains are ‘Monte Simiro’ highest mountain in Java and Mount ‘Mount Bromo’ months volcanic mountains in Indonesia
And the fact that the city is the largest in Java province they are considered a key station for local tourists and foreigners alike as destinations for locals in search of recreation and relaxation and calm at the same time as Malang is considered known its universities renowned educational city, while frequented by foreign tourists as a transit stop close and entertaining two mountains next to the famous tourist attraction and often where tourists discover the perfect place to spend the time between bites charming natural and historic temples and traditional customs dramatic landscapes

Tourist Attractions in Malang, Indonesia


Serious Ijen
Considered serious (Ijen) of outstanding historical places in Malang, which date back to the colonial period experienced by the country, therefore the design of the road and the buildings came around the same old European style and there is an old Catholic church at the end of the street in addition to the fun walk in the arena covered with plants and flowers


Singosari Temple
Temple is located (Singosari) 12 km north of Malang city and is one of the oldest Hindu temples that still retains Bhaitha which date back construction to the year 1300 and can be reached on public buses, you can also visit several other temples around the city like Jago Temple, the Temple of Ppadut and Kidal Temple
As Eidi no tourist activities that can be performed by the tourist while in Malang such a visit, “Pato” area where they can spend time walking around the natural places and mountainous land or immersion in hot or reap the benefits of fresh apples from the farms “Ogroissata eyes water.”
As for swimming and water sports enthusiasts, they can go directly to the city’s famous beaches such as “Bali Kmbang,” “Naglib,” “Gwagena” and Sindanj Peru, “you also can go to the beach island” Simbu “boat
Your tourist will not be completed to the city of Malang without tasting the different varieties of food offered by traditional restaurants there


Traveling to Malang
Facilitates travel directly to Malang by plane to the presence of a major airport in the city receives daily flights from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, by many of the snare Ttairan operating in the region and there are flights to and from Malang from other regions such as Bali, Dapazar and Surabaya that the journey takes between them and Malang hours Just
It can be reached Malang Balhafat from several points or by night trains from Jakarta and Bandung and Surabaya trains day and the rest of Java regions

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hotel deals in malang


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