Bromo National Park volcanoes, Indonesia

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Bromo National Park volcanoes, Indonesia

Bromo National Park is located volcanoes in East Java on a huge land area of about 800 square kilometers, a tourist destination primarily for fans to identify the aspects of life around volcanic areas private park includes active volcanoes such as volcano Samuru which is located at an altitude of 3676 meters above sea level


Some desert within the Bromo National Park areas of volcanoes considered nature reserves since 1919, which is the largest sand seas areas in the region and possibly the world also has an area of 10 kilometers and is located at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level
The temperature at Mount Bromo summit of 5-18 degrees on cellulose measure many other surrounding mountains and there, such as mountains (Mt Watangan) with a height of 2.661 m above sea level, Mount (Mt Batok), up 2.470 m, the Mount (Mt Kursi) and a height of 2.581 m, the Mount (Mt Widadaren) and a height of 2,650 meters
Famous garden is not only due to the volcanic nature but also to the presence of many scenic addition to the many facilities offered by the Department of place that allowing exploratory visits a memorable experience
There are many places that offer local food in the region and called (warungs) but they closed their doors early, by seven o’clock and half the evening but if the presence of tourists in the area (Wonokitri) are found there are some stores that open their restaurants to a little late perhaps ninth and half hour evening like Tosara shop


There are a number of activities that can be carried out in the garden or around Bromo such as walking tours around the park or across a sea of sand and rock pounders exotic in place as it can be replaced walking tours do the same jeep tours car or on horseback
Can be accessed Bromo National Park in Java automotive or leased city of Surabaya or Malang There are also flights from Jakarta to Malang twice a week
There are shops selling souvenirs such as T-shirts and woolen scarfs and the rest other types of gifts around the park and there are inside some street vendors who sell the same products, but within the volcanic region

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