Yogyakarta Palace in Indonesia

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Yogyakarta Palace in Indonesia


Yogyakarta Palace is not just a residence for the king only, but also guarding the flame of cultural Javanese. In this place you can learn how to maintain the culture in the rate of development that occurs in the world. Ringing bells Kyai Brajanala several times. In Sri Manganti be heard hymns in ancient Alquaouih by Khaddam arena. Old book, offerings, niche and Jamilan lying in front of him. Some tourists listen to songs macapat solemn, something that drives them to press a button on the camera to capture images. Although they do not know on the songs that you find them seated in the front seats. Mixed with songs and roses perfumed incense smoke to create a charming atmosphere. On the left side of the four servants it appears in a constant state of alert. Outside the Royal Pavilion, birds sing, while he is flying high over the sapodilla tree, then landed on the grass. Sultan’s Palace is considered the center of culture Alquaouih in Yogyakarta City Museum. Not only the house of the king and his family, Yogyakarta Palace is a Mecca for culture Alquaouih and guard the flame of the culture there

This palace was built at the hands of Prince Mangkubumi in 1750, and after the passage of several months to sign the agreement Giyanti


Has been chosen to be the forest is the foundation of the palace because the land was surrounded Bnhreinn a good thing to protect minors from drowning. Despite hundreds of years and the massive damage suffered by his sultan’s palace by the 1870 earthquake, until the palace buildings still exist and in good condition is available. Many of the things that can be seen inside the Sultan’s Palace, such as activities carried out by the servants .km Tourists can enjoy artistic performances every day


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