Waterfall Seibeso pesos


Waterfall Seibeso pesos

Located in the beautiful mountain highlands in the north of Sumatra on the northern side of the famous Lake Toba is just 24 km from Kapanga Falls is a long and a height of 120 meters


It is amazing waterfalls and a popular tourist destination, where it meant visitors from everywhere desire to see and pick the most beautiful pictures of this magnificent natural wonder and the existence of the rainbow will be completed Panel beauty


There is a waterfall appropriate paths you can go up to it and watching the waterfall and the process of the stunning downfall of caves at the top of the mountain, and after his fall will be watching how it passes between Gorges and its beauty lies In his briefing, beautiful landscape
And close to it you’ll find plenty of shops, which you can shop and bought what you want where you or your loved ones to keep the memory of this remarkable journey


entrance fees:
A reminder of the price of entry for each person: 2000

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