Tourism in the largest volcanic lake in the world, Indonesia


Tourism in the largest volcanic lake in the world, Indonesia

Do you know that your visit to Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia is not a traditional tourist visit Vallakeh classified as the largest volcanic lake in the world? And that the lake, which is also known as Danau Toba name formed by the accumulation of lava giant for more than 70,000 a year
In fact be due to the lake massive volcanic explosion, which occurred 77 thousand years ago and led to the deaths of many people and who knew historically as “Toba catastrophe


Preferably tourists visiting the Lake Toba area for recreation and relaxation after walking trips in the rugged areas and mountain climbing, where the region has landscaped charming and mild climate in addition to the clarity of the lake water and the warm hospitality provided by the residents of Batak who greet tourists and local juices, tobacco and traditional music
Of the best times in which to visit Lake Toba climate during the transition from winter to winter to spring, where the air begins to transition from cold to warmth with a stop or low rainfall
The Chinese New Year is one of the best times to visit the region in general and who always comes between the months of January and February where there are a lot of festivals and offer a lot of price promotions programs
Although the Lake Toba tourist landmark distinct but it can exploit the visit for undertaking various tours close to a number of famous places among tourists, such as
– Tuk Tuk
Tuktuk area is one overlooking the Lake Toba areas that many tourists want to visit to shop or to buy the old foot of the many stores that sell used books
– Tomuk
Quiet places and near the lake, which is famous for its restaurants that offer traditional Indonesian food in addition to the presence of some ancient monuments known when the local population, such as the tomb of King Sidaboutcr which draws reverence and appreciation from the people of the region


Folk Arts
If you like to watch the traditional local music and dance arts area, you can visit a museum or a number of restaurants that offer these folk arts
– Waterfalls and hot water eyes
At the top of tuktuk region unites many of the water that can be accessed on foot, swimming in the 40 km of the region there are natural hot water eyes and which amounts to a high temperature Falls
The regular movement in the lake by boat or a motor that can be rented for a private tour by boat, and the land areas could be explored to rent bicycles
It can be accessed at Lake Toba by flight to the city of Medan and then travel overland to Barapat city, which lies on the banks of the lake and away from the field 4 hours drive

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