Tourism in the gate of hell, Sumatra, Indonesia


Tourism in the gate of hell, Sumatra, Indonesia


Bukit Lawang National Park is one of three landscaped gardens on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in Indonesia and which fall under the World Heritage List of tropical rainforest
Gained Bukit Luang Park fame from the literal translation of its name, which means “Hell Gate”, while The Garden basically a nature reserve of orangutans, which represents workers a major tourist attraction, where the park is the only place in the world where seeing an animal person can jungle alive and this equally vital and natural savagery, and the park is located 90 kilometers northwest of the city, “the field,” the capital of Sumatra province
You can visit “Hell Gate” garden in Sumatra in most days of the year and even in the seasons of rainfall, which are often at the end of the year as the rain often falls at night, so it will no longer be a reason not to enjoy the visit


Perhaps the tourist just need to get away from public holidays and weekends for the locals in Indonesia and to avoid overcrowding and to obtain a measure of privacy in the visit
The most prominent tourist scene in Bukit Luang park is seeing orangutans during the process of eating food twice a day, early in the morning at eight o’clock, and the last time at three o’clock in the afternoon
It will be an opportunity to see this kind of curious monkeys suitable to receive some important national park staff with knowledge of the details of his life well and eating habits, but the pictures of orangutans could cost an additional charge tourist information
There are many other things to do inside the Bukit Luang Garden notably Sir trips organized under the supervision of mentors from the park and where tourists recognize the nature of plant life and wild flowers in this place with the chance to see an animal anthropoid during the exercise of his natural life


Of the favorite activities among tourists in “Hell Gate” garden in Sumatra riding tire width of the river and let the stream of water that will be very strong sometimes pay window to the advanced areas in the exciting water adventure
It can also be doing the rounds of exploratory Caves (for a fee) or wander in paddy fields and rubber colonies
There are some restaurants and cafes around the park, which offers a great selection of local Indonesian food as well as some international dishes
As for accommodation, there are many lodges and guest houses that are spread along the banks of the river in Bukit Luang and that offer excellent services at reasonable prices, as can navigate the walk of the village on foot because of the small area where they can work full round in just half an hour

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