The city of Pekanbaru in Sumatra, Indonesia


The city of Pekanbaru in Sumatra, Indonesia

The city of Pekanbaru and one of the largest cities in Sumatra, Indonesia, is also the capital of the province, “Riau” Recognized as a modern city and clean as well as the presence of some ancient monuments and historic them


Nevertheless, the city of Pekanbaru city major tourist destination in Indonesia does not consider it like most cities of Southeast Asia, an important stop point to move to other cities and regions especially for tourists coming from Singapore to Malaysia, probably because they are a meeting place for many nationalities and tourists from all over the place is the people of the city that they are friendly and very generous with strangers
The city of Pekanbaru major gateway to visit many areas of the North and South and West Sumatra, where there are large coastal islands and the famous orange plantations as well as other tourist places such as Lake Toba, the city is a good alternative to the bustling city square and less organized
You can travel to the city of Pekanbaru, Sumatra more than one way Perhaps the most famous travel by air and by sea The city boasts one of the most famous international airports in Indonesia, which the Sultan Sharif Kasim II Airport, which receives international flights from both Malaysia and Singapore, also receives domestic flights from most airports Indonesia private cities Jakarta and Surabaya and Yogyakarta and the rest of the other cities
Possession of Pekanbaru City Airport a good reputation among the rest of the nearby Indonesian airports probably because it is relatively new where it was opened in 2012 and includes a number of lounges, which receives domestic flights and international, can reach the city center, which is about 10 kilometers across the taxis available outside the airport


As for sea travel to Pekanbaru it would be several domestic and international points is also the most famous of the city, “Batam” in Malaysia to “Riau” islands that need to be another three hours in a small bus to get to the heart of the city
Of the fun things that can be done in Pekanbaru do touring around the old city hired “Anjut” It is a traditional means of transportation in the city is divided into two blue type and serves the port area to the limits of the market, “Pusat” in the Sudirman area, the green kind serves the area bus to Jalan Nanjaka

In addition to relax or wander the ancient streets and see the traditional houses in the city of Pekanbaru you can also do shopping where there are a number of commercial centers, which received a response from the local population such as SKA Mall and Mall Ciputra Seraya

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