Taman Sari Water Castle in Yogyakarta

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Taman Sari Water Castle in Yogyakarta

Castle is located in the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and is located about 2 km south of Kraton has built in the mid-eighteenth century was built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono in (1755-1792) of an area of 16,200 acres and consists of the castle complex of the mosque, chambers of meditation, swimming pools and wonderful series consisting of 18 water park and suites surrounded by the most beautiful artificial lakes and 59 each building distinctive architectural Bength unique name and Taman Sari means beautiful garden area decorated with flowers, but since the old castle called water because they contain compounds filled with wonderful swimming pools


Castle consists of four first areas of Lake Sejaran synthetic located west of the castle and the second is swimming in the south of Lake Sejaran compound and third Surrey compound Leduc Dalam Barsaren and swimming Jargitawati which is south of the swimming pool and the fourth region are in the east of the first and second regions and its name Magan Gan compound
As for the first Lake Sejaran artificial region and the area consists of artificial lakes name Sejaran with the presence of some of the buildings located on the islands are the center of the lake and associated buildings with each other by an underground tunnel as there is in the middle of the lake its name Kinungu Island and on this island building composed of many fine floors and South this building some small buildings and called on these buildings Tajouk name


The western side of the island Veugd another circular building consisting of one floor and also to reach it you have to cross the underwater tunnel has been used this building as a mosque, a building is high and is the meeting place of four ramps and there is prayer to God each Sunday as the lake contains another island and its name Smethy The building this island some said it is a place to contemplate the Sultan and others said that a place to hide the royal family


The second area is the swimming pool and is located in South Lake Sejaran a popular tourist destination and is accessible through two gates on the west side, east side and when the crossing will reach to the center of the complex, a large inner courtyard octagonal shape and in the midst of complex central Tub fun that everyone longed for him


The third area of the complex is located in the south of the swimming pool and the Surrey complex Leduc Dalam Barsaren and swimming Jargitawati and the complex is composed of several wings building great beauty, garden and was used as a place for meditation Sultan and suites have a bedroom Sultan with a flowing water underneath as the kitchen there is a wonderful hanging room and two swimming pools
Another area is the fourth region and called Magan Gan complex consisting of an artificial lake, and the lake has Kenbang Island and linked this lake with Lake Sejaran across the channel length of 380 meters


Open dates
Castle open daily from 09:00 AM – 15:30
entrance fees
For Ondonisan: 3000
Foreigners: 7000

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