Maimon Palace in Sumatra


Maimon Palace in Sumatra

It is one of the sights known in the field, the capital of North Sumatra province and built Kilatanan Daily (Sultan Daily) during the years (1887-1891) m and an area of the palace 2.772 square meters and is from a well-known tourist destinations not presented, but because of the internal design unique is a combination Ammari (Malay, Spanish, Islamic, Indian and Italian) as well as to take care of the outer appearance and his stunningly beautiful gardens


Palace and consists of 30 rooms and doors and windows long and wide and will notice the trappings of Islamic Art at the palace roof and divided the rooms on the master suites, a right wing and the left wing of the main building Vmessahth 412 meters and it is called the hall or the royal throne, which was used during the coronation of King process and all the rooms of the palace shows the name the combination of different from the other room and all the rooms have a very distinctive beauty of art


In addition to the presence of other hall called the special meeting room here was held Sultan Daily meetings and discuss matters of interest to the state and society As for the furniture the palace is a European-style The crystal chandeliers are imported from France and the chairs, tables and cabinets are from the Netherlands and marble tiles understanding of European-style high-level


Open dates:
The palace is open to visitors daily from 08:00 AM – 17:00
entrance fees:
An entry ticket to the Palace per person:  5000

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