Lake Mananju charming


Lake Mananju charming

They Lake Caldera and Otaraf lake crater is located in West Sumatra, which is just 36 kilometers west of Boktinge and an area of 99.5 square kilometers and length of 16 km and displayed 7 km and an average depth of 105 meters and in 1983 was the use of the lake to generate hydroelectric power for the West Sumatra
A popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and shows through the shimmering turquoise color and wonderful surrounding hills and slopes nearby rice fields


Lake area has been quiet, as it is a suitable place for rest and relaxation and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city as it is surrounded by lots of appropriate accommodation, hotels, resorts homes if you prefer and all offers panoramic views of the picturesque lake


You can wander around the lake and explored either on foot or riding a motorcycle or mountain if you want some suspense as you can rent a boat and go Navy memorable trip across the lake and pick the most beautiful images


But in case you want to do the shopping process facing many of the shops that sell shoes, bags and various types of silverware that you can buy to decorate their home and keep the memory characteristic of this beautiful journey
Many restaurants that offer delicious delicacies Kalmakronh and meatballs Owalujbat light if you prefer, offering chips fried cassava with chili sauce also resides


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