Lake DePauw charming in Sumatra


Lake DePauw charming in Sumatra

This lake is not one but two of the high lakes by 1000 meters above sea level, an area of 17.2 square kilometers and a depth of 24 meters and is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, West Sumatra is located is known as the twin lake and said to be of the wonders of the beautiful nature


The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery of nature in addition to the presence of dense fog over it, giving it a beautiful exceptional and access to it will be forced to walk over rough roads and pass among dense trees and farms stunning tea Ststnhq air pure and when you will feel a little chilly know you’re close to the lake twin before Nzulk to look at the land green around the lake of plants and trees, carnations and tropical fruit fields and fields of rice and wonderful Hack picked the most beautiful images to keep the memory of this remarkable journey


You can visit the lake when camping in an area around it to wake up and enjoy watching the sunrise and the reflection of golden rays on the blue sea and eat your breakfast watching so spectacular view
As you walk and then walk around and explore the place around the lake or climbing on the hills surrounding it for lovers of sport climbing it has been built tourist facilities of the Government of Solok to make tourism more comfortable around the lake


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