City Boktinga Beauties


City Boktinga Beauties

It is the second largest city in West Sumatra in Indonesia, located about 50 kilometers off Sumatra city of Padang and was known in the past as the Fort de Kock and a population of about 117 thousand people and an area of about 25.2 square kilometers and is considered a tourist city very beautiful as it includes historic landmarks curbed, cultural and recreational places numerous


The climate of the city
The city enjoys a cool climate with temperatures ranging between 16 – 24.9 ° C The most suitable times visit will be in the summer and spring


Tourist Attractions
Sianok Canyon
A green garden a long, steep canyons and one of the most Landscape most beautiful in West Sumatra and includes an observation tower consists of two floors and overlooking the Cianok Kinon There you can pick up the most beautiful pictures of this journey distinctive as you can see the dusk and the most beautiful panoramic views of the natural scenery, where green trees and grass stretching carpets green everywhere and rice fields, forests, rivers and beautiful small valleys, breathtaking


Bukittinggi Zoo
It is a beautiful park located on the top of the hill to Gurt de Kock was established in 1935 and is home to many animals, such as elephants, tigers, donkeys brutality and deer and birds of all kinds and work in holidays so that the children had and the cost of entry between 5000-9000 rupees There will learn children a lot like feed these animals and play with them and how to care for and Maona sure of it that they too will enjoy this visit


Big Clock
It is a landmark of this city is its center and is a tourist attraction beautiful was built in 1926. It was designed by architects Yazen Osutan and Gigi quantity and has a diameter of about 80 cm clock and the advantage that it includes code 1111 rather than the Roman IV was designed to paint the tower on many of clothing and the cost of entry to $ 5


Limpapeh Bridge
It is a beautiful bridge located at Ahmad Yani Street, a length of about 90 meters and width of 3.8 meters and connects Fort de Kock petal one of the animal Boktinga garden and enjoy the bridge Bengath wonderful and unique architecture provides a beautiful panoramic view of the river and the breathtaking beauty of Mahola


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