City Balemnj in Sumatra


City Balemnj in Sumatra

It is the second largest city on Sumatra island and is one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago and an area of approximately 374.03 Iklmtermrba with a population of 1,742,186 inhabitants and is one of the tourist destinations gentle and so to be attached many beautiful sights such as the Grand Mosque and Fort Bnting Cotto Pisac and bridge amp stunning monument Gemayel popular struggle and the Museum of Sultan Mahmud Badr Eddin and Lake Kmbang charming addition to the beautiful beaches and parks


The climate of the city
The city has a temperate rainforest tropical forests with high humidity and strong winds and temperatures ranging averages annually between 23-31 degrees Celsius and the average rainfall amounts to about 2000 mm annually _3000 so Vonsp visit times are in the spring and summer


Tourism Activities
Tourists can take a quick tour of the city, either by bus inland transport or cycling, or the independence of taxis, so try to get to know them and then they can organize a table to visit tourist landmarks such as going to spend a full day in the arms of one of its gardens Aghannah or unintentionally a bridge to pick up the most beautiful panoramic images which provided for visitors or visit the cinemas and the presence of one of the movies that you want to see it so make sure that the possibility of getting bored in this beautiful city


The most important tourist attractions
Ampera Bridge
It is one of the most important and most spectacular sightseeing and a length of about 177 meters was built in 1962 over the Meuse River, which connects Sibrang Oulu and Sibrang Aleroymcn for tourists there a little walk him and just 50 meters from him there are only selling local foods beautiful souvenirs market and do not forget take your camera with you and capture the most beautiful pictures for you and your family backgrounds of this amazing bridge


Punti Kayu Tourism Forest
It is a jungle city, which is located about a mile from its center and an area of about 50 hectares and since 1998 was named the protected forest, a very suitable place for families and families and one of the most important tourist destinations where it has the most beautiful scenery Tabaieih picturesque and is equipped with many appropriate places to sit and rest for a while so I hope that you’ll get to visit with pleasure and joy


Masjid Agung Palembang
It is the largest mosque in the southern Balemnj and enjoy the beauty inside and out was built in the eighth century architectural styles Ashraly old Sroidjanih by Sultan Mahmud Badr al-Din and is now a very beautiful Landmark and want a lot of tourists to visit him and learn about him and praying inside


Sultan Mohamud Badaruddin ‘sMuseum
This museum is located near Couto Pisac and the date is displayed city Balemnj from the reign of the Buddhist state empire to the State of the Sultanate Balemnj the colonial era through about 556 collection of historical furniture archaeological such Nomismatika group and Aitnograveka group Kiramologiata and Biolojika group so be sure that a tourist and cultural venue par excellence


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