About scuba diving in Weh Island, Indonesia


About scuba diving in Weh Island, Indonesia

Pulau Weh Island is a volcanic island located off the northwest coast of the island of Sumatra, was famous island over long periods beauty of marine life and the scarcity of underwater scenes, making it one of the best places for diving in Indonesia but they compete vigorously with her sister island of Bali


Later it was part of a natural wildlife reserve island considered because there are many rare on the back of the island strains of wild animals in addition to the many types of coral reefs and other marine life
Pulau Weh Island is located in the Andaman Sea, 15 km north-west of Sumatra parties, it takes to reach the island from Banda Aceh area about 45 minutes using speedboats or two hours using ordinary boats
Many tourists go to Pulau Weh island to break the traditional pattern of the tourism program, however, the island is characterized by a dense forest and diverse marine life is worth the visit already, especially with the presence of many rare wildlife species
On the other hand, it includes the island more than 20 spot valid diving may not have the same fame some other places in Indonesia, but the tourists who tried to dive in this Bekaa put them in a very advanced position on a lot of other places around the world
From April to November it is considered one of the best times to visit the island because it is the dry tropical climate of Indonesia, in which the rain stopped and the tourist can enjoy the sun and sea trips and walk inside the forest agree
The most prominent activity that can be done by the tourists on Pulau Weh Island is a dive where there are more than 20 spot dedicated to it from the most famous


Arus Balee
This spot features waterways between the rocks, which is more like a dome and between the islands of Seulako and Rubiah, which provides an opportunity dives into the water stream going

Batee Meuduro
Located an hour south of the island and is considered one of the top dive spots that must be had because it provides an opportunity whales dive and interview her

Pulau Rubia
Famous for its coral reefs deep distances under water up to 30 meters

There are several places to stay in the city (Sabang) the main city on the island, which provide places to suit all levels of tourists and can be accessed marine ferry from Banda Aceh to Sumatra

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