Sumatra in Indonesia


Sumatra in Indonesia


Indonesia’s Sumatra island written in English Sumatra is the largest island in the world’s sixth (an area of 470,000 km 2), the largest islands of Indonesia after Borneo and New Guinea and third
Site Sumatra
And Indonesia’s Sumatra Island is located in the far west of the main Indonesian islands, and then to the north-west of the island of Java and southwest of the semi Dzbrh Malay, and has a length of about 1,700 km, and a maximum width of 400 km, passing the equator near the center. And extending a series of massive volcanic mountains called Bukit Barisan mountains along the west coast of Sumatra, and in this mountain range 93 summit. And these mountains descend gradually from the east towards the vast plain. On the other hand the West strongly Vtnhdr toward the Indian Ocean. The mountain consists mainly of two series of parallel valleys between them


Sumatra’s population

Sumatra in major cities. Most of the residents of the eastern plains from the coast of the Malay descended. The known population of the state of Aceh, which lies in the far north Balasien. As Sumatra’s population consists of other groups which Alminanjkabu and Alebattqaan, and speaks most of the population of Sumatra Malay dialect. The group Alminanjkabu the vast majority of the population of the state of West Sumatra. And converts 98% of Alminanjkabu the Islamic religion. It includes language almost 200 tone, as it approaches largely Malay. And take the form of traditional roofs saddle Alminanjkabu homes, while moving the truss (a kind of slanted ceilings) to the top and is similar to a large extent buffalo horns. Group Alminanjkabu the only ethnic group in Indonesia is that motherhood tracking system in the descent. In this system, descend descent and inheritance from the mother

Sumatra economy
Sumatra products contribute significantly to the balance of payments support in Indonesia. Among the most important exports of Sumatra: bauxite, and forest products, natural gas, oil, and tin. Still most of Sumatra’s population live in rural areas. Agricultural land is divided into small and large agricultural properties fiefdoms. And actuation young
Angel mainly rice cultivation both in irrigated fields or dry fields. Other crops grown by small farmers: coconut, coffee, corn, palm oil, peanuts, pepper, rubber, spices, and tobacco
The large estates, they have a paramount importance in the economy of Sumatra, the Indonesian government and controls in many of these fiefdoms. Among the most important products: garlic, coconut, natural rubber, palm oil, tea and tobacco. These fiefdoms and are among the most important sources of rubber in Indonesia. The five other fiefdoms near the field in North Sumatra, the cultivation of tobacco. The area is famous Daily papers used by cigar makers in many parts of the world for packaging luxury cigars
Sections of Sumatra
Sumatra is divided into several administrative sections, namely
Bangka Peletong
Riau Islands
West Sumatra Somtirh bars
South Sumatra Somtirh two ways
North Sumatra Somtirh Utara

Sumatra map


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