Traveling from Bali to Lombok sea

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Traveling from Bali to Lombok sea

The breakthrough in the early morning from the port (Padangbai) on the island of Bali, this port is about an hour and a half from the beach of Kuta
Sometimes the distance and be more congested by the way
Distance to the ship between those two islands (Bali – Lombok) lasted approximately an hour and a half and stop in the Beach and the port (Thelok fire) on the island of Lombok
The ship to accommodate approximately 32 passengers, as well as such a number of bags
And ships all air-conditioned central air conditioners cool and there is also a toilet sight of God
You may as well sit on the deck to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful natural landscapes and sit in the Supreme appropriate as well as those who wanted imaging
Of course the price of the ticket comprehensive transportation from the hotel where you live in central Bali even access to the port
Ticket prices vary from a tourist office for the last and we took her from one scattered in Kota Street offices at a price of 300,000 rupees per ticket per person and this
Price Almkasr The insurance 50,000 rupiah was booking before the trip four days later
Infants less than 3 years old travel for free. And children aged between 3-12 years of age are subject to half the price of the ticket
And the price of tickets from the ships to the island of Lombok to Bali less expensive

A map showing the flight path


hotel deals in lombok


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