Senaroa landmarks in Lombok

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Senaroa landmarks in Lombok

It is the main village, which begins after the arduous journey to Mount Rinjani, but the trip is worth it because you will spend the most wonderful times in that place, throughout the trip will enjoy a fantastic range of landscapes and waterfalls that descend from the heart of the mountains in a charming form which Stravqk even reach the village scenario

The most important village landmarks Senaroa waterfall Sendang that the waterfall, which is a source of attraction for many tourists from all over the world to popular belief the ability of the therapeutic waters and located the waterfall is 600 meters from the sea and you can reach it easily from the village Senaroa, will not take up your access to the scene of the waterfall more than twenty minutes

Because the village was famous waterfalls, also considered a waterfall Kelep months the village Falls and is a waterfall from the village, a distance of a period of time medium, you need to reach that waterfall is about an hour from the village Senaroa, surrounds the waterfall group of mountains and rocks that give the waterfall view more wonderful, so In addition to the tropical forests that stretch Pander trees and plants and you can see rare birds and also some wild animals

It’s a safari unforgettable adventure lovers in the heart of nature and is filled with the places that deserve to imaging the unique scenery can not see except in Senaroa so you have to make your adventure tourism deification





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