Lombok resort island in Indonesia

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Lombok resort island in Indonesia


Lombok Island and is known as the Bali II by a lot of tourists can be a lot of tourists enjoy the beauty of the island in Nusa Tenggara Barat. There are many tourist attractions on the island, both of these features were natural or cultural, there are plenty of natural destinations and there are many natural waterfalls in island is like a waterfall Theo island containing Kuta Lombok Beach wonderful natural destinations consist of Senggigi Beach, cakranegara, Geely Geely, was, Gili Trawangan, Mount Rinjani Trek, Lombok Kuta Beach Sembalun Resort, tetebatu, sendang Gilles Menage, a waterfall waterfa


Tourism is the mainstay and the most important main sources of income in Lombok Island residents Lombok indigenous village of Sasak Aiwa and the island with a lot of wonderful and picturesque beaches, a popular destination for many tourists and a lot of sandy beaches and the Rosary as the island has a small village by the local population but a tourist destination for many Visitors





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hotel deals in lombok


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