Lombok Island

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Lombok Island


Lombok Island in Indonesia, one of his best and most islands of Indonesia, Lombok Island is the home of tranquility and beauty, lies Lombok Island from Jakarta about clock and forty minutes by air, the capital of Lombok Indonesian island called Mataram, most of Lombok island’s population of Muslims and are characterized Btaibthm good Akhlgahm and treat them
Beaches of the island charming and clean and beautiful beaches and months (Beach Snqiqi) and Kuta Beach) and Snqiqi beach is beautiful and is a lot of resorts and the restaurants, markets and away from the capital of the island of Lombok, Mataram approximately 25 minutes
Of the most famous resorts in the island is the Holiday Inn Hotel and Resort and the Sheraton Hotel Giacarta
From the nearby small islands of Lombok
Featuring the island to exercise maritime activities, especially diving for the beauty and cleanliness of their marine environment, and is available in the island group of waterfalls and waterfalls are located in the village of Senaro and lies about hour and a half from the center of the island of Lombok
Semitic waterfalls
Waterfall Sandang Qila (the closest
Waterfall Teo clips (which is the most beautiful
Waterfall Bethara to Angang afar off, and it Aonsah


hotel deals in lombok


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