Lake Segara Anak beautiful

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Lake Segara Anak beautiful

A volcanic crater lake located in Mount Rinjani in Lombok island in Indonesia, at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and an area of 22 square kilometers and a depth of 230 meters and the name of the lake means ocean blue color due to the intense blue of the lake


Begin your journey to reach the lake from the village Sidaro and will reflect a lot of the tropical rainforests and scroll through to Mount Rinjani and then begin a tough climb process because the terrain steep slopes and high bit but trouble reward in the end a panoramic view breathtaking brilliant blue waters and gleaming heavy parchment of the lake


Also located near the lake four hot springs are said to have a wonderful ability in the healing of bone disease and a lot of tourists these springs are intended medical purpose


Despite the rise in the lake but it is warm but not as cool as some people thinking that is home to millions of fish you can practice sport fishing and cooking Matstadh dinner and enjoy a delicious meal freshly
There is also a convenient location for camping around the lake if desired tourists spend a quiet night, but do not forget to wake up before sunrise to see the sun rise, enjoy road


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