Water excursions in Bali

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Water excursions in Bali

It includes Bali total of the finest trips aqueous in Indonesia, the most famous cruise trip distinctive about Pino port, which extends for three hours where the interviewer when boarding the ship’s crew welcome and take a picture of memorabilia for the trip and a host of appetizers, where there you can enjoy fine enchanting during the trip and display the characteristic music on deck the quiet background music extends to the end of the journey and months meals provide a buffet cruise that featured soups and cold meats and fresh prawns, sushi and steak, pasta, and also features a view of the sunset, which featured breathtaking shows even in rainy days

There are also a trip by speedboat to the island where Ngan Limbaugh spend the day on this island on the golden sands and riding Alkorab inflatables and swimming pools in the lake and enjoy the beauty of nature there and back at the end of the day on the boat to Bali

Also Sightseeing rowing famous during the Young River, which is considered a trip legendary through nature, where traversing the boat and tropical valleys, forests and waterfalls through an exciting adventure in the river meandering overfilling rocks, as favored by risk-lovers, as you can see shrines ancient Hindu on the Dava river, birds miscellaneous and rare monkeys jump on tree branches at the end of the day to eat at the cafe at the edge of the river so aqueous trips in Bali is the Ultimate flights can not miss




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hotel deals in bali


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