Tourism in the region amide in Bali, Indonesia


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Tourism in the region amide in Bali, Indonesia

When talking about the amide area – Amed we do not mean known by that name a specific city, but we are talking about a strange group of inshore fishing villages which stretches 15 kilometers along the coast north-east of Bali, this region offers tranquility and recreation and relaxation that may misses tourist during his visit the tourist center and south of Bali, which includes some of the most popular tourist areas in Indonesia, such as Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud


Amide area has taken its name from the first village the tourists visited then move them to the neighboring villages until the end to the power of the village, which then stop all tourist services such as accommodation, restaurants name
Most tourists are intended amide area for the purpose of relaxation and recreation mainly and water sports such as diving and snorkeling
Climate is the amide hotter and drier than the rest of the places in Bali which makes the residence without the availability of air conditioners is difficult in the absence of the beaches and the water that softens a little bit of air
This climate has had an impact on the nature of the agricultural life where disappeared many traditional crops such as rice, to be replaced by other crops do not need a large amount of water at the same time position to withstand high temperature, leading to the emergence of vast fields of wheat, peanuts and other warm climate crops


If you want to experience sports other than water sports available in abundance on the shores of these villages, you can climb a mountain experience ((Gunung Agung where you start climbing trip just before midnight to reach the summit at dawn and enjoy the view of the sunrise
It is a peak tourist time in the amide region during the months of June, July, August, and the rate of accommodation in the area between three to four days.
Used some of the hotels and restaurants of the major international currencies such as the dollar and the euro, as there are some automated teller machines next to the huts Three Brothers area while away the other from the area about 45 minutes the place by car and preferably keep tourist money liquid as most hotels and tourist places of service does not deal with credit cards

Internet services are available at a few places and in the little cafes and restaurants

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