Sanur Beach Bali

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Sanur Beach Bali


Enjoy the sunrise at Sanur Beach, Bali

If you normally receive by the sun, try to greet the sun at all times. During a holiday in Bali, Sanur Beach is one of the beaches really watch the sunrise
While the Sanur Beach is located in the east of Bali, it is appropriate to be the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. If you want to feel the beauty of the island in the morning, choose housing in the Sanur Beach area. The beach is not far away from Ngurah Rai Airport, just a 20 minute drive away
Get out of your room at about five o’clock in the evening, before the rest of the tourists wake up from their sleep. The head of the coast is still dark. Excellent atmosphere, sound and rubbing the leaves in the wind waves will wash away all your senses
You will not wait for a long time, to see quietly streak of light the sky. Usually purple, gradually tend to orange. When I was a purple color, it will break the silence and natural sounds of the birds, which will proceed in the search for stocked them. Soon, the sun will rise and warm the earth
Sunrise process were not long, but fairly short. Before 10 minutes the sky was a dark morning sun shines bright. But do not worry, you can still enjoy the peace, at least about six o’clock in the evening
Activities to do in Sanur Beach
The settled and chosen atmosphere chatting morning in the east of Bali, you can now be ready to enjoy the Sanur beach area during the day and evening. This is known as a center for games and water sports coastal region. You can exercise game parasailing, banana boat or rowing
If you surfer, surfing is one of the activities that you should not waste the opportunity to practice here. Sanur Beach waves pretty well even though settled vision. Better prepared to ride the waves of board and spend your time playing with the waves
For you who want to just relax on the beach, not letting us down Sanur Beach. Soft white sands, blue waters are very clean. Not far from here, many shops and restaurants, which could be the first resort in the event of a sudden your hunger or thirst

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