National Park in the west of Bali

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National Park in the west of Bali

National Park is located in the northwest of Bali is the only park on Bali island park has known in 1917 when it established natural a garden and in 1941 unveiled the national park of Bali and many visitors to the park by way of Lovina in 90 minutes and Bimitran in 15 minutes and Geliarank in 15 minutes

Garden full of tropical dry forest and savannah and rare plants in the park and there are more than 60 species of birds, the most famous crowned parrot, wildlife and natural infested wild deer, providing a complete picture of the park forest inherently distinctive and picturesque landscapes,

Offers workers the park all the facilities of the pioneers of the park and the guides are qualified to guide you inside the park and provide you with important information about the place of information where the guided tour lasts two hours and cost 350,000 rupees and extends inside the beaches garden where up from there to the island Mengjanjan a special place. Bomakink diving and hiking boats and across the natural coast unique tropical places up to the temple of Lopburi Geely Kinsan and Homkan Bmammarh distinctive and well worth watching no places to dive in the protected Geely Munk Bay, which contain rare fish and coral reefs

There are near the park several hotels that offer excellent services at reasonable prices and restaurants that offer different types of foods, coffee shops and visit the park is a unique experience where the images will have a distinctive nature and relieve your eyes the magic of green nature

Name: West Bali National Park





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