Lake Batur in Bali

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Lake Batur in Bali

Lake Bali is the nature charming all the colors of the forests and the mountains and the coast, lakes and beautiful lakes, the lake Badoer, which lies between Mount Batur and Mount Abang, the lake stretches the form surrounded by a crescent heights of Mount Batur and ends at Mount Abang and the lake with a distinct nature and adds to it Mount Batur nature volcanic magic where Balvohh rocky hills surrounding volcanic lake located less than an hour north of the city of Bengali from a distance

It attracts place tourists from around the world Vallakeh charming Bmnzerha is one of the most beautiful images of nature romantic quiet place and along the lake water with trees and surrounding vegetation and wild flowers forest and there you can enjoy a boat ride in the lake, rowing in the quiet waters and walk around in the villages that surround the lake, which depends on tourism in the place where are the main income for its residents and seeing the shrines of Hinduism and ancient temples and tropical forests where it goes Lovers take pictures of nature, artists, and if you want to have a memorial in a distinctive Vlakeh Badoer is the ideal place.

Ocean Weather Lake Badoer down its temperature is characterized but you’ll find near there are many stalls offering hot drinks quick and fast preparation and there are restaurants offering delicacies Fbomakink to have a pleasant trip on the lake to feel calm and move away from the pressure of the city and fill your eyes with more views of nature glamourous Lake Badoer





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