Festivals of Bali, Nyiba

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Festivals of Bali, Nyiba

There is no doubt that the Bali city of the most famous tourist cities in Indonesia that were not the best known because of the charming nature and mountain rice farms listed and limestone hills with strange shapes, but also the most important element is the natural cultural city that spreads out the arts and festivals throughout the year


Spiritual and religious matters considered something important in the formation of the Bali community and is hardly devoid day rituals practiced whether the population of Buddhists and the Indians, or the Muslim population but noted everyone’s respect for the customs of everyone, especially those belonging to the religious origins
Many tourists also keen on the tourist programs include a festival or more in Bali to enjoy the Carnival Dancer and offers amazing colors and rituals that reflect the natures and habits of the people of this part of the world


Perhaps Nyiba Festival – Nyepi of the largest festivals Hindu community, which is known as the Day of Silence is held at the beginning of the year of India (Saka) and by the beginning of each year vary according to local time but they often fall between March and April
Start Nyiba Festival ceremony before the deadline a few days where the locals the process of cleaning and preparing for the Buddha statues in preparation for the establishment of rituals and rites of their own these days and called the (Malastai), the day before the celebration alleges (Taaor Kizanja) where villagers begin reciting incantations in Home villages using Ojoh-Ojoh which monsters are made of bamboo, using the voices high and disturbing then PHP end of the day set fire to brides bamboo alleged exorcism of the village


On Naiopi close all the streets of Bali as a result of overcrowding and parents spread on the roads where dedicated this day of fasting and meditation predominates calm and cleanliness in every place where Balinese believe that this day when expel evil spirits and renews the human Ovkah and beliefs
It recommended for tourists who attend Nyiba Festival in Indonesia to read some brochures that explain what they must Vhlh on this day or watch CDs do not even do things that may be considered locals disdain for rituals such as Loudness or quarrel

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