Festivals of Bali Arts Festival and lives

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Festivals of Bali Arts Festival and lives

It occupies social traditions and religious occasions prestige among residents of the city of Bali’s most popular tourist cities in Indonesia, which includes a variety of tourist attractions ranging from landscapes and rural villages where rice farms stand out in the foothills of the mountains as well as boiling a lot of effects and important historical monuments such as the ancient temples
And social traditions come as a spirit that drives this ancient town where there are frequent local festivals and celebrations that reflect the culture and history of the population of Bali who have a religious and ethnic diversity, there are Islamic festivals and there are festivals of Hindu and Buddhist as well as there are national events to meet them all


Of the leading festivals in the Bali Arts Festival in which the townsfolk gather the entire city, “Dean Passard” to express their passion for the arts of singing, music, dance, the city is experiencing in this celebration of artistic performances of all the patches of patches Indonesia, even those remote villages come to their offers and special dances characteristic, which were rooted in the legends of strange rituals were practiced for hundreds of years and is also involved schools, government and cultural institutions in the festival renewed and performances with such a large number of participants extends the festival for a whole month offers daily continuously in addition to many other activities, such as exhibitions handmade products


The festival spirit or spirits to be held in Bali also is a global festival called the musicians and artists and yoga practitioners from all over the world six years ago in the city of Aboda where it precedes the grand ceremonial workshops and classes and activities of the specialized knowledge of yoga

The festival aims mainly to gather money for the “generous” initiative, which aims to provide shelter and food and education, and treatment of children homeless in all parts of the world, and marketed the festival for himself as an opportunity for those seeking a change in terms will help them yoga activities and meditation and music to start changing journey inside to the outside

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