Festivals of Bali: Aircraft and other celebrations Festival

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Festivals of Bali: Aircraft and other celebrations Festival

Bali does not depend to promote themselves tourist on historical monuments in the city in abundance and on the beaches and resorts that offer the best services for tourists but also used their own customs and folk traditions as one of the important elements of the tourist attractions, which is in the festivals and religious ceremonies and national held of all denominations Indonesian society without distinction so that the whole year without hardly a day of celebration or festival


Aircraft Festival
Aircraft holds its annual festival in Padang Jalak area and Sanur Beach in July of each year where local residents and tourists industry giant kites and enter the competition is fierce.
Aircraft Festival in Bali is not a festival of entertainment and essentially but one ritual worship of the Hindu population who are going to do Mabboudathm in order to increase crop and abundant harvest
Each participant in the competition team consists of 70-80 players some carrying flags and others known to the vast musical instruments while others move kites in the form of giant monsters or animals from nature, such as fish, birds and leaves of trees
Spread through the days of local food festivals, where every village is keen to show the best of its varieties and dishes are also playing traditional music everywhere


Gallonjan and Konnenjan
Gallonjan Festival of the most beautiful folk festivals realized the wonderful human values in Bali The festival aims primarily to provide new generations thanks signs and gratitude to ancestors and parents and older generations so keen everyone to flee to his hometown to meet his family neighborhoods and visit the graves of deceased
As the population Hindus visit temples and make offerings then they Bzaarh their friends before everyone starts on the day of the festival to the streets to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, according to their beliefs
The Konnenjan Festival is located in the ten day and the last day of the festival Gallonjan and families spent the day in their homes or in temples to pray and make offerings to the spirits of departed members of the family before everyone starts to celebrate in the streets again

These celebrations are part of a group festivals held in Bali, where the locals there are very sticking to their religious beliefs, whether they are Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus as festivals ranging from Dinh and between national or those related to social occasions

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