Cycling trips in Bali

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Cycling trips in Bali

It is the discovery of Bali broader vision by one of the locals who decided that arises Phones wider tourist rural districts in Bali, which can only be reached on bikes where take you Ian and his team from the place of your stay in the hotel or tourist resort by the stairs to begin the journey and recreation unique that roam back when the locals in Bali to Chtahed daily activities have on nature as take you on a tour of more places cHARMING in nature where the tour begins to volcano Quintama to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the vicinity of Shratabaah then landing Bdrajatk to Ubud area and local villages and farmers, where you can stop to pick up the coolest photos in the heart of Beautiful nature also you can enjoy a lunch of Ian’s friends in this region

Cycling involves more than one tour you can choose from, the first of these tours that begin in the morning, enjoy breakfast appetite and then move on to the volcano and then extended fields for the cultivation of rice, coffee and a visit to the village temple and then enjoy a banquet wonderful lunch in the family that runs the work, which concludes much today’s complex of fun before returning to your hotel but if the rest of the family does not prefer cycling the family which runs the work offers a tour to learn the best delicious cuisine Indonesian to enjoy at the end of your tour by bicycle across Bali as there are more than another round to Alhberat beaches and waterfalls in Bali

Famous cycling trips and provided a lot of work for local residents and Alrevi in Bali, a favorite of many tourists, where you can go to Abodh Banjar Laplapan, Petulu, Ubud – Bali If you want to enjoy one of these wonderful tours





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