Bali Indonesian

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 Bali Indonesian


Bali Province is one of the provinces of Indonesia., And the majority of the population of non-Muslims. Where there is a rocky formation is one of the important Tanah Lot and his name was called on the island of breasts landmarks.
Bali inhabited by Alastronisn tribes who migrated from Taiwan via the Navy to Southeast Asia for nearly 2000 years BC. Culturally and linguistically, it is the nearest population of Bali tribes: the Indonesian archipelago, the Philippines and parts of Oceania. The traditional rock instruments that Osrtbalqrb Sakk from the village in the east of the island evidence of the cultural rapprochement between those tribes.
Balinese culture influenced clearly by the Indian and Chinese cultures, and specifically from the Hindu culture at the beginning of the first century AD.
The island’s first European contact was by the Dutch explorer Kornelaz de Haotman in 1597 AD. To come after that of Dutch colonialism, which included the rest of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago in the nineteenth century.

Unlike the vast majority of the Islamic religion in Indonesia, approximately 93.18% of the population of Bali owe local Hindu religion and formed from a combination of some local beliefs and Hindu in South Asia. Other religions, including Islam, Christianity 4.79% 1.38% 0.64% and Buddhism. This statistic does not include immigrants from some Indonesian islands.
When defeated Islam on Hinduism in Java island in the sixteenth century, the island of Bali has become a shelter for many of the Hindus. Hinduism in Bali mix of Indian Hinduism and Buddhism and some spiritual traditions of the indigenous population.

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