Atlantis Aquatics in Bali

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Atlantis Aquatics in Bali

It is the most famous entertainment venues tourist favorite for young and old, where Water Park contains several swimming pools, a Poseidon Antilles and Atlas Plaza, Aquarius, octopus, Children pool

Docks equipped with modern technology for the systems water flow there is a swimming pool, which is called the river with a length of 350 meters and a height of 1.2 meters and 8 meters wide, where the water flows where underbody-like flow of river water is an ideal place for toys with their family Fahadu current entertain and fits children and there pelvis with waterfalls spiral that descend from the height of 14 meters an interesting adventure for fans of slipping into the water from the high basins and high waves industrial pushes you as if you were in the sea water Bamusbanda with a height of 2 meters this basin

Bath allocated for children rainbow where a height of 1 meter and spread the dripping water, which makes the children feel joy and mage with whirlpool a closed-slip finish to the swimming pool when passing beside you hear the cries of adventure lovers in this cycle, there are also restaurants in the vicinity of the place offers Alogiat Food miscellaneous and beverages that , along with a host of shops souvenirs wonderful, you will not feel the time you spend in the Water Park which is a favorite place that does not want kids and adults leaving at the end of the day





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