Area attractions in Bali

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Area attractions in Bali


Mount Agung is the most sacred mountain in the island of Bali. It is also home to the Temple of Besakih, and introduce the most sacred temple in Bali. During the holiday in Bali, you should visit these attractions
Gunung Agung, located in the east of Bali, and has a height of 3148 miter above sea level. At the same time, the slopes of the mountain tops at an altitude of approximately 1000 masl any 3000 feet Besakih Temple, a mother temple in Bali
This temple was built before 1000 years after the birth. Temple Biaskih is originally filled the temple dedicated to the god (Dragon Besakih) and is believed to be living in the Holy Mountain. It is said that the temple Besakih is the only one that anyone of any Hindu worship him like the different walks of life can be. Here, there are three temples dedicated for: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu
The rise of stairs through a massive gate and access to the courtyard of the main temple, you’ll find Banataran Agung temple, dedicated to the Hindu trinity: Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu wrapped in cloth and decorated with flowers
There are two other important temples in the consortium of the slope Banataran Agung Temple, Ramazin to the Hindu trinity. Mediates Agung Banataran white flag to Shiva Temple, on the right Kidulinj Kratej temple with a red flag to Brahma and Pato Madej temple on the left with a black flag to Vishnu
There are many other temples to explore in Besakih, but most are reserved for worship only and closed for visitors
Advice will certainly be useful, if were not traveling in a group, to start the tour before nine o’clock in the evening. This is the best time before the arrival of tourist buses

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