Zoo Rajonan in Jakart


Zoo Rajonan

A park located in South Jakarta in Indonesia Asarmingo an area of 140 hectares, a place that combines more than 270 animals, mostly endangered species brought in the park from all over Indonesia and several countries of the world Onjae and 171 plant and employs more than 450 people meet all requests Visitors

This park was established in 1864 by plant lovers and animals from the Dutch East Indies and the Raden Saleh known painter in the nineteenth century had donated about 15 hectares of land for the establishment of the first park in Tafea in central Jakarta and then was moved to the south of Jakarta in 1966 was officially opened on June 22, 1966

This park contains the different types of animals Kaltdiat such as deer, antelopes, leopards, lions, cheetahs and Black Bear American addition to several species of birds such as Indian peacocks, swans, ducks, parrots, ostriches and many also contain poisonous snakes and non-toxic, such as white snakes and cobras Baladvh number of reptiles such as turtles and crocodiles

The park boasts a zoo for children, playgrounds and dedicated place to ride elephants, horses, or if you want to take a boat and go for a walk in the Lake Rajonan Also located in the park gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs you and Ohpetk to remain Zkri memorable for this unique trip

The park also contains the main Hmatzer Center, which opened in 2002, but a separate center for the park and is one of the largest centers in the world with an area of 13 hectares and contain this center on a different monkey species such as gorillas and Achammbanz and this is a good place for those who wish to identify the monkeys

Open dates:

Garden open daily from 07:00 – 17:00

entrance fees :

A ticket admission price for adults: 4,000 rupees

Children aged less than 12 years: Rs 3000

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