Thousand Island in Jakarta

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Thousand Island in Jakarta Pulau Seribu

Thousand Island! Or rather twenty thousand island! A series of 105 Island stretches 45 kilometers to the north in the Java Sea,

Thousand Island in Andonisaadzr Indonesia hundreds of small islands scattered near Jakarta and is considered a haven for many during the weekend, but it is advisable to visit during the weekly day of action available to these islands many recreational options, tranquility and clean air is far from congested Jakarta contain these islands wonderful beaches and sands of gold and restaurants offer navy meals are rare as some resorts and rooms for rent are available daily as the spread of these islands many sports and marine private diving has been the development of these islands for the purpose of tourism.

Such as Pulau Bidadari. And Pulau Putri. Pulau Lak., Pulau Petondan. Pulau Melintang

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hotel deals in jakarta


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