Things must see in Bandung, Indonesia

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Things must see in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung city is characterized as providing its visitors different types of tourism activities to do and enjoy in this city, which lies in the Java region with a special feature for the rest of the cities of Indonesia namely lower prices significantly especially with regard to food and clothing.

From the city of Bandung properties that make it a preferred choice when a lot of tourists that a large number of tourist attractions and monuments are located near or around making foreign tours anything easy.

In the following list the most important things that must be seen by tourists during his visit to the port of Bandung in Indonesia: –

§ Lake (Kawah Putih)

There is no doubt that the feminization Kawah Putih area at the top of the tourist attractions that tourists must be seen in Bandung Vallakeh volcanic enjoy the scenic views and are located in some of the highlands after only two hours from the city center.

Although the nature of the cold air due to the high place that the sun shone all the time and can Lake inner zone was discovered in about thirty minutes.

§ volcano (Tangkuban Perahu)

Located just an hour and a half from the heart of the city and is characterized as providing a clear view of the landscape of the high points in addition to the normal calcification of the volcano.

§ Isola HOME

Isola house or Villa Isola architectural masterpiece built by a wealthy Italians, located above a high hills north of the city and allow debut magnificent view of the South Bandung area.

§ Gedung Sate building

Built by German Acharkan characterized architectural Bnicochha own but are now used government offices to manage West Java However in the open for tourists and preferably tourists had to take pictures of the general view of the city.

§ Gedung Merdeka Building
Other architectural masterpiece built by a rich but is now used for general purposes, where the conference was held Alocio- first African descent.

§ Kampung Daun Restaurant
Of the most famous restaurants in Bandung, which meant thousands of tourists not only to eat, but rather to enjoy the atmosphere provided by the restaurant in the huts of bamboo and ongoing streams and waterfalls, and despite the fact that food prices look up notably from the rest of the city’s restaurants, but the tourists look for a place on it the best places in which to eat and relax along with the identification of traditional Indonesian culture.
Features of the best to visit the city of Bandung they offer tourists the possibility of joy, happiness and picnic without being forced to pay more money and this is favored by a lot of tourists who want to spend their money on other things in Bandung such as shopping and buying gifts.

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