The presidential palace in Jakarta

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The presidential palace in Jakarta, Indonesia

It called Independence Palace, where the palace near Mardhika Square and the memorial of Jakarta. It is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia has changed its name from Astana Gambier to Independence Palace after the end of the colonial era and due date of the old building of the nineteenth century which was commissioned by Van Anmberg was designed by Drosarsz.

After declaring independence in 1949 it held the first celebration of the independence of Indonesia, was the arrival of President Sukarno and his family to the palace during the concert of the legendary people of Indonesia of the most famous historical sights in Indonesia through history,

The palace is the establishment of international celebrations and receive guests from ambassadors and ministers envoys of different countries and months conferences held by APEC in 1996 was held in the presence of sixty of the world’s leaders and in the mansion of many rooms are the most important and biggest of the room first, a celebration that has seen a lot of events in the memory of Indonesia Hall since independence until today, a very sophisticated design and months Visitors who attended it was Queen Elizabeth a Ultimate precious paintings and chandeliers and wonderful balcony overlooking the hall nicely along with many other rooms scattered around the palace, which was designed architecturally stylish in the heart of the surrounding park greenery inconsistent by a group of deer near industrial pond give the palace a special luster.

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