The best shopping centers in Jakarta


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The best shopping centers in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta won the high Takimat of tourists who went to the capital, describing it as one of the best activities that can be exercised by tourists on the island.

We will show in this article some of the most important shopping centers in Jakarta, which received the best ratings during the last period of wavering from tourists shopping in the world’s experts.

– Shopping center beautiful hut (Pondok Indah Mall)

Did not get (Pondok shopping center Indah Mall) high Takimat out of the blue, though it is the largest shopping malls in Jakarta but enjoy several advantages qualified him for this, including its prime location in the middle of an upscale residential area includes a selection of the population in Jakarta with a gorgeous design buyer feels comfortable even in roles allocated to the lower car.

Featuring Mall (Pondok Indah Mall) two parts (pim1- pim2) and as you can the conclusion of the label that there is an old part number (1) A newly No. part (2) Then there is the extension of the center of the so-called “street exhibition” dedicated to the sale of foods only !!

Each section of the sections as Etemz existence outlets famous Starbucks in all aspects of the department even taste fits most of the regulars from the rich Indonesia from all age groups and tourists from all over the world.

If you’re as possible looking for a suitable shopping center in Jakarta, without being overly Albmakhh or expensive, you should visit (Pondok Indah Mall) or, as there is reduced to one word (PIM) but it is recommended that the visit will be in the non-holiday weekend that are very crowded with visitors.

– Senayan Square (Plaza Senayan)

Plaza Senayan a high-end shopping centers located in Senayan It is also divided into two parts, one old and the other is modern, but the most important thing distinguishes it is the abundance of commercial exhibits and the outstanding architectural design and the uniqueness of certain products from the other.

The most striking sections of the department manual watch brand Casio, which includes a lot of forms and fashions for these Brand and among Ratings belonging to Plaza Senayan Trade Center that prices in some ways from other commercial centers are high.

– City Gandraa

Gandraa city center is relatively new but it is characterized by a number of features not found in the rest of the malls in Jakarta and most notably at all and there is a showroom for cinema and some 3dmax

Global fast food outlets and ice Karim In terms of commercial products in the mall, it’s not much different uncle than in other places.

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