The best restaurants in Jakarta series1


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The best restaurants in Jakarta series

The Jakarta one of the largest cities of Southeast Asia and the fastest growing in the last period, as well as restaurants in Jakarta occupies a privileged position in the Southeast Asian restaurants and vigorously compete, either through multiple levels to suit everyone or lists of foods that are able to crowd out the Thai rolls and Vietnamese and is gaining a reputation world is growing day by day.

 Onczyk restaurant docked in Jakarta

– Onczyk restaurant docked

As is the case in most of East Asia, noted the influence of Chinese immigrants who settled in Jakarta, hundreds of years ago and added the obvious their mark on the tradition of eating Indonesian.

And Onczyk restaurant anchored one of the best places where you can experience the pairing of culinary traditions Indonesian, Chinese, offers a restaurant kitchen Vaimp bus of dishes in which the Chinese flavors clearly like chicken and shrimp appear on the steam, and the bathroom grill which is one of the tastiest varieties offered by the restaurant that experience .

Title: K.H.Zaenal Arifin Block: b i / 1 kec kel Krokot. Tamanzara, 11140 County Jakarta, Indonesia, tel: Ground +6221 6343030

Bandar Jakarta Restaurant is a seafood restaurant the best ever in Jakarta

– Bandar Jakarta Restaurant

Bandar Jakarta Restaurant is a seafood restaurant the best ever in Jakarta and will wait for a time before they find you an empty table! Valmtam which offers delicious fresh fish types you can choose your own aquarium species that prefer with the assurance that these fish catch of the day directly from the coast .

Of the most famous seafood dishes provided Bandar Jakarta Restaurant sharks, lobsters, crabs and shellfish, not only for its customers but the restaurant allows to choose the method of cooking from among several ways with exciting local extras.

Bandar Jakarta restaurant offers its services in several branches around the city in a new and distinctive experience within the capital.

Address: Address: LG. Pantai Indah Timor Pinto Impian Jaya Ancol Padimanjan Ancol Jakarta Utara DKI Jakarta 14430, Indonesia. Tel: 21 6455472 Ground +62

Harum Manis Restaurant occupies a unique hand among the list of restaurants in Jakarta

– Girls hair Restaurant (Harum Manis)

Harum Manis Restaurant occupies a unique hand among the list of restaurants in Jakarta is not only limited to providing local dishes and it has also developed and added a modern touch made it acceptable to all tastes.

And so his interest in Indonesian heritage which clearly shows in the list of dishes offered Harum Manis Restaurant Management, which is keen on providing a range of cultural and educational activities by which they can recognize the Indonesian culture to newcomers and locals alike.

Sundays are advised to go for those who wish to discover the real value of Harum Manis Restaurant offering dinner includes dishes from all parts of the provinces of Indonesia.

Address: Jl. KH Mas Mansjr enough 24 Carret Tingsin Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Tel: 21 57941727 Ground +62.

hotel deals in jakarta


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