Taman Mini City


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Taman Mini City

Is one of the most beautiful distinctive tourist sites that can be seen in Indonesia where he is located in the east of Jakarta, has an area of 250 acres has been established park on farms and fields have been take advantage of the rugged where in creating scenery natural impressive and the idea of location-based garden Ultimate innovative way which reflects Indonesia mini nature and natural landscapes the basic idea of the park developed by the first Lady in Indonesia in 1970 (City Hartina) was implemented founder fugitives

The garden includes a total of architecture Indonesian mini and a lake with an archipelago in the middle of spaces green expanses home to a variety of trees and plants, as a group of museums diverse museums, historical reflect on the history of Indonesia and museums normal by Alttoratabiei Wildlife is also in the park will enjoy riding the cable cars and sightseeing charming of the park from a high place.

Is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, a point of much of the local population in the city and attracts also tourists from everywhere in the world to see Indonesia are all special to see in this park for you to choose after the favorite destination Here in Indonesia, which is a great atmosphere wonderful year-round so he one of the best trips integrated family-which can be released to it and enjoy Bmmizzatha brilliant.

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