Taman Cibeunying

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Taman Cibeunying

About the state Gedung Gedung compound Saboning park located in the heart of the street of the same name, which form the distinctive flat Green

For many of the local and visiting population of Bandung where the harmony of nature in the lush tropical mangroves that bring families out of Astzlal

On holidays and in trips organized for this region, in the heart of the park there is a small river gives the park a quieter scene where many umbrellas recreation constructed in the heart of the park for family trips and gatherings of the population as the park is used by locals for exercise and trips beautiful children, at a distance of not too long ago

From this park you will find the resort, which offers distinctive accommodation charming views of the resort, where rooms offers a good many of the services that interest you and has a unique restaurant that serves meals Indonesian appetite.

There is no place in the staff of Bandung this charming city, but you’ll find the distinctive garden-flying birds in the skies and services are available around the city are parks and coastal environment and the unique mountain that formed the face advanced tourist in the heart of Indonesia.

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hotel deals in bandung


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