Postal Museum Bandung

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Postal Museum Bandung

Postal Museum in Jalan Debonegor is located in Bandung, West Java, and the building dates to 1920, what is known islands of India, the Netherlands where it was building on the 706 meters and was designed by architect J. Berger Italian architectural style as the Bureau of telegraph, telephone, postage and with modern sophistication and provides courier services and travel the building was considered a museum of the history of mail in 1995, and change the postal company’s headquarters.

The museum history of mail in the Dutch Indies during the Japanese occupation and after independence and the museum includes pictures and models for stamps rare paintings and Equipment Order, such as wooden boxes that were used to collect e-old devices telegraph stamps as rare as the museum includes a means of research, education and information services and attracts place Archaeological a building of many of tourists from around the world and Lovers collecting stamps to get to know the date of mailing forms and opens the museum to the public from nine o’clock in the morning until four in the evening every day for free, except on public holidays, one of the famous tourist places in Bandung, which offers great city historical overview.

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