Patenggang Lake

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Patenggang Lake

Just 47 kilometers south of Bandung, located more Indonesian lakes charming when Kiwi region that rises from the sea 1600 meters, making the lake is characterized by cold atmosphere where the heat up there to 10 degrees Celsius in the daytime and dearly are the atmosphere blur around and around the nearby tea plantations of them, but the flat green surrounding this lake from forests and trees and green hills make this lake Flight Center charming boats that made her take the title of the Venice lagoon.

Trips to the lake is the destination for seekers of tranquility and relaxation in the heart of picturesque nature so they are a magnet for families and tourists dramatically The exploration of boats cruising the lake up to the small island, which mediates the lake and called Sasqua Island, a leafy island alongside the rock great dubbed rock of love and that the publication reported that if emblazoned with the names of lovers, the passion remains forever and I came out the myth of the rock from the story of a princess who fell in love with Amir old but the story of their love and faced a lot of difficulties and tears that filled this place, but they were able in the end to meet a second time when rock of love. Place with all the services you need for a trip from Ultimate Family restaurants serving delicious meals and Kaviat offers wonderful tea, which is famous for this region so they trip you should not miss in the heart of nature in Bandung.

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