Museum of Geology, Bandung

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Museum of Geology, Bandung

Geological History Museum is located in West Java in 57 Jalan Debonegor near the government building of the province was founded in 1928 and renovated with the help of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and the museum it includes 300,000 pieces of rock and fossil and mineral and is considered a world heritage site, which is under government supervision, where you can get information Museum through a variety of fossils and skeletons and fossils of prehistoric animals.

Months, the pieces that are found in this museum and accept a lot from all over the world to see is a meteor weighed 156 kilos fell in Madison in March 1884, where he raised the interest of many fans of the new discovery of information about meteorites and offers a museum display descriptive for months volcanoes in Indonesia and sites famous for these volcanoes nature surrounding and times of the activity of these volcanoes and valuable information about the history of Thoranha and a wealth of geological resources and fossils and rocks that have been collected through fieldwork in various parts of Indonesia was an old worked as a laboratory and a place to store geological pieces and now Homrkz cultural and tourism provides a rich information and Qamhan earth Sciences and attracts museum many Lovers Lovers of science and knowledge of the secrets of cosmic evolution and natural history of animals, the museum opens its doors to visitors from Monday to Thursday, from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon, where you will enjoy wandering among the wealthy elegant corridors with lots of information.

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