Monument in Jakarta | Monas tower NATIONAL MONUMENT

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Monument in Jakarta | Monas tower NATIONAL MONUMENT

Located in Indonesia in the middle of the Merdeka Square in the heart of Jakarta, has a height of 132 meters was built as a symbol of the independence of Indonesia, where construction work began it in 1961 under the supervision of the President of Indonesia Sucarono was opened to the public in 1975 and the place is open throughout the week except on Monday, the last of every month, where it is shutting down The monument

It was built in three phases where he developed Athathath on 284 concrete block exterior design of the monument expresses harmony, balance and fertility in Indonesia has obelisk of white marble Italian built has a pool of water designed area of 25 × 25 meters to enhance the beauty of the place in addition to the statue of national hero Alandunsa Deboyngur

In the outside patio surrounding the monument inscriptions along the four walls Ages historical Indonesia shows and events during the colonial European and uprisings and popular events that have passed after independence in the early twentieth century, and there is the Museum of National History beneath the memorial hall called Independence Hall contains miscellaneous symbols of independence, where stores by text the original announcement of the independence of Indonesia in a glass box

Visitors can see the outer perimeter of the monument from the high of 115 meters where he absorbed the podium about 50 people and left the platform lift can accommodate 11 people at the end of the monument base on the shape of a bowl of bronze represents the flame symbolizes the independence of Indonesia are painted with 50 kg of gold.

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